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A passion and deep concern for the environment is reflected in the design and construction of 98 Acres Resort and Spa. The Eco-friendly concept and design has ensured that the majority of materials used in the construction have been recycled. 'Illuk' straw has been used liberally in the interior and thatching of the roofs to maintain cool temperatures, giving it a true Sri Lankan identity and elegance.

Discarded railway sleepers have been put to good use in the construction of decks, walls and furniture. The furniture has been made by expert artisans from the locality using local and widely available timber which helps create a warm and rustic atmosphere. Rough hewn granite rock lends a simple, hand crafted elegance to the look and feel of each villa.

The golf buggies used in the transportation of guests within the hotel compound is a part of the Eco-friendly concept. The buggies operate on battery power, resulting in zero emissions and minimal sound pollution.A sustained effort at staying Eco-friendly, offering guests an out of the ordinary environment to unwind in will continue to be key attractions at 98 Acres Resort and Spa.

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The kids can use the baby pool while you do lap swimming in the adult pool. The pool has been elegantly constructed with a deck made of natural cut stones.


All herbals and other treatment ingredients are made from tea and other herbal plants planted on our very own 98 acre tea estate. Enjoy the breeze, Stay relaxed and experience the warmth of the SPA with magnificent views across the valley.


A fully equipped gym is available for guest use.